Things seem to be happening all of a sudden for White Arrows, the up and coming Los Angeles band. Yup!

Why are you gonna love it? It’s infectious, try not to. Hand claps are and will always&forever be fun and if you know much about the authors of the muffin, you know we are likely to happily lose our minds in the swirly and synthy bounce of modern music. The sound that White Arrows has comfortably nailed with this latest release serves to further justify my love affair with a drum machine and the layery build of a good electronic pop. It moves between its driving beat variations with fun fills and is embellished with sounds that only the technology of today might allow for. Meanwhile, its reigned in – and just as you think it might begin to get indulgent the soft falsetto cooing of lead singer Mickey Schiff weaves its way into your ears and then pops you right back into the energetic chorus.

I won’t be able to catch White Arrows in the desert this weekend as they open up for Weezer, but I am very excited to know that they will be there. Also, they are soon to embark on tour with another Muffin fav, The Naked and Famous. But – if you are real trigger happy and in the LA area, you can catch them tomorrow night at one of LA’s coolest little venues, The Bootleg. As a result of all this great news – the folks over at Ink Tank sent us a stream of the latest release, Get Gone, and they let us know that the RAC produced 7inch will be released Sept 6, and it includes a dreamy cover of a Fleetwood Mac song. Check it out!

Stream White Arrows – Get Gone
White Arrows – Get Gone by WHITEARROWS

Here is another treat…. Mostly because I’m recently obsessed with this song – and that is due to the Avett Brothers cover that I saw out in the desert at the Pechanga Casino recently! It’s such an awesome song. Hear White Arrows take on the Boss’ I’m On Fire.

I’m On Fire (Bruce Springsteen Cover) by WHITEARROWS

  1. TheMicawbers on Wednesday 24, 2011

    Thanks for bringing White Arrows to our attention. They are quirky but firmly rooted in pop, and that is by far a good good thing! We will try and check em out in LA.

  2. Bandanarama on Wednesday 24, 2011

    What’s going on guys? Why so few posts lately? :(

    White arrows <3