Keep an eye out for The Royal Concept, a new Swedish band that sound eerily similar to Phoenix. Admittedly, I’m borderline singing 1901 lyrics along w/ this “Gimme Twice” song. That is if I even knew the lyrics to that song. (I think I have a better idea now thanks to Birdy)

The EP is also available on Spotify here… and it’s serious fun! Listen to “Knocked Up” and just think a little bit about The Strokes! This song evokes the same spirit that used to drive me across my college town of Greensboro, NC when indie rock was finally breaking me out of a long spell with girly Lilith fair & grateful dead/phish stuff. Fists pounding on the steering wheel, energy!

I like this home made iphone video:

But I think we are in the midst of a classic talent – he makes it look easy as he has the ivories classically tickled in that piano version of his fancy pop riff – showing off some obvious training.

The Piano Version:

Here’s a fun remix:

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    This song evokes the great spirit in the listeners, they get so involved in the music, because it’s such a lovely track.