If you don’t know the story as to why The Morning Benders decided to change their name to POP ETC, then you should read this.

I certainly will infinitely and forever love the formerly known band for this:

Frank and I saw them perform at The Troubador. They played through a long set and saved their best for the end. Typical LA indie crowd didn’t budge until “Excuses” came up, at which point the room came alive with swaying lovers… You can’t help but sing along to that song. When the band turned back down the stairs from the upper loft for an encore, I leaned over and told Frank that if I were them I’d just play “Excuses” again.

When I first learned of the name change I was a little shruggy. I thought they’d fade into the ether….. some oblivion, where tons of other bands that I have had ephemeral relationships with have gone after the initial lustre is lost. Not that the song “Excuses” won’t forever be TREMENDOUS to me….. but I didn’t expect to go to the next level with POP ETC.

However, this new music is here and I’m surprised! Turns out, I’m a fan of the new name, the new album, AND the new sound. Particularly this track “New Life.” It’s comically RnB in the best way, it’s hip hop swagger from a skinny asian kid (I find him incredibly darling) with autotune for the sake of autotune. I’m even totally digging the talky tracks on top and all of the bouncy synthy love with Chris Chu’s sweet sweet vocals.

New Life by POP ETC

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But, the clincher is this video! I really can’t say how I’d feel if I thought he was serious…. but I’m taking it light heartedly! I’m pretty sure he’s just playing exactly like I play when I sing a little RnB to myself in the mirror of the bathroom. And it’s awesome if only for the lip snarl.

More goodies…. including the full POP ETC album on Spotify!


  1. excusesguy on Friday 20, 2012

    sounds like owl city

  2. robert on Friday 20, 2012

    This is terrible, not only did they give away such unique and memorable name for something that’s about as generic as you can possibly get but now they’ve lost their sound. This sucks and they suck, I’ll stick around listening to their old stuff.