I love indie films.  On my Netflix queue you’ll rarely see an independent movie receive anything less than four stars, even if its a solid three star movie.  As cliche as these descriptions are, I love quirky, off-beat, and different.

My latest indie favorite is The Sinking of Santa Isabel.  The basic premise is a guy has moved into the tree house behind his childhood home.  But beyond that, it simply is the perfect indie film – strange but lovable characters, uncomfortable human relationships, and dialogue that makes you think, “What a cool fuckin’ thing to say!”  Even if the character simply said, “No thank you, I already have a cigarette.” (Not an actual quote, I don’t think anyone smokes in this movie, which is weird for an indie movie, but it is all good).

When the movie arrived in the mail I was a bit bewildered at its appearance.  I do quite a bit of drunk Netflix queuing, but this movie felt like it had a purpose.  And once the score began and the credits rolled I remembered…

Sam Means did the whole soundtrack!  You know Sam, he’s the music man from The Format.  And I guess when The Format broke up last year, Nate went on to form Fun and Sam made a solo album; this soundtrack.

Now because it is a legitimate soundtrack to a film 75% of the tracks are instrumental.  But the instrumental songs are awesome and perfectly compliment the movie with the same quirkiness of the film.  But rather than witty banter we have folk guitars and broken pianos.  The tracks that aren’t instrumental Sam sings, and his voice is great!

I encourage you all to check out the album, perfect music for a road trip or background music for relaxing.

One thing you’ll notice though if you watch the movie and listen to the soundtrack is that in the movie there is clearly a song sung by Nate, Sam’s old partner in The Format.  However, this song is no where to be seen on the soundtrack.  And after an exhausting Sunday spent searching, I couldn’t find a single mention anywhere of this song.  Nothing associated with Sam Means nor the film mentioned that there is basically a new Format song in the film.  And if you are a fan of The Format, let me tell you – this could have been a lost track from the Snails EP.

So if anyone has any information leading to the acquisition of this song by Frank of the Audio Muffin there is a reward.  Not sure what the reward is, but we’ll dig something up here at the bakery and send it to you – no joke.

Sam Means – Yeah Yeah

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Sam Means – Believe

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You can pick up the album on iTunes.  And I’m sure you can find the movie at wherever you watch movies these days.

  1. Michael Hamblin on Friday 4, 2009

    Frank, what a nice little write up about the film and Sam. My Brother, Jacob and I made the film and it’s always great following what people are saying about it. Regardless of good or bad, we like to stay linked as best we can. The song that Nate sings is actually an original song by The Format written for the movie, “Moving McAllister” – I’m not sure if the film has a soundtrack but I do know it plays in that film. That is the information I have, I’m not sure it will lead to the acquisition or purchase of that song but hopefully I’ve helped. Thanks for the write up on Isabel and we agree completely with you concerning Sam and the score of the film – What a wonderful sounding piece of music he created. And I’m pretty excited about my reward.

  2. Bootsy on Friday 4, 2009

    Awesome. Michael Hamblin!!!

    Just added the movie to my Netflix Queue.

  3. Train on Friday 4, 2009

    Nice – also just added to the ‘Flix queue

  4. Michael Hamblin on Friday 4, 2009

    And by the way, the song is titled “Swans”. I’m pretty sure if you google “The Format Swans Moving McAllister” something will pop up. I obviously have a copy of the song that we got directly from Sam but before I send it over I’ll need to know a little more about that reward. Great site by the way. I love music as much as film. Consider me a fan.

  5. FRANK on Friday 4, 2009

    Okay, I took your advice and used the Google machine…and it looks like I’m not the only person to be interested in this ‘lost’ Format song.

    Michael, we honestly lost our marbles this morning here at the Muffin when we saw you wrote on our blog.

    As for the reward…let’s just say a Muffin Goodie Bag Spectacular…I’ll email you in a sec.

  6. Jacob Hamblin on Friday 4, 2009

    I wasn’t going to comment, but now that I see my brother is going to get a “Muffin Goodie Bag Spectacular”…I gotta say, I’m feelin a bit left out.

  7. hot dog the rapper on Friday 4, 2009

    FRANK – I’m happy to help craft this bag. I hope the Hamblin family loves Kevin Costner as much as I do.

    =hot dog the rapper

  8. Jacob Hamblin on Friday 4, 2009

    P.S. you should check out my brothers music blog…


  9. jade leonard on Friday 4, 2009

    i think u r doing great job. i love it

  10. Tyler on Friday 4, 2009

    So I have searched everywhere on the internet for that “Swans” song. It is absolutely beautiful. I can’t stop thinking about it and wanting to hear it! If there is any way for me to get a studio copy I would be forever grateful. Thanks. Oh! The movie was great by the way, bravo! Keep it up.