For not being a film blog, we’ve certainly been talking a lot about movies at the Muffin lately.  Big Frank hit you with The Sinking of the Santa Isabel last Friday, and I’ve got a little something something from the talkies department now too…

So last week my lil’ bro suggested that I Netflix an indie movie called Medicine For Melancholy, and oh brother am I glad I did because I sort of haven’t shut up about it since.  The movie, a debut feature by writer/director Barry Jenkins, follows around characters Micah and Jo as they attempt to get to know each other on the day after their alcohol fueled one-night stand.  Zoom in a little bit and you’ll see that Jenkins, with the help of some stylish cinematography, is also telling stories about race, relationships, neighborhoods, indie culture and, yes, bikes (you’ll see what I mean).  There isn’t too much plot to give away as the movie is really about the complexities and connections between Micah and Jo, but even though the story centers around the two main characters, both the city of San Francisco and the soundtrack serve up impressive supporting roles as the movie’s third and fourth characters – which brings me to why I’m here in the bakery today…

There is one scene in Medicine when Michah and Jo get their dance on at a ‘Frisco hotspot, and while watching I heard a song that immediately made my spider-sense start tingling.  One quick Shazam later and I was jamming like a madman to the infectious sounds of The Answering Machine.  Hailing from Manchester, England (alrite r’kid!), the Britrock/pop quartet released their blistering debut album Another City, Another Sorry earlier this year and I’m sorry I haven’t discovered it a little earlier.  Think Bloc Party meets The Strokes meets Los Campesinos! meets the parents.  Think frantic frenetic fun condensed into three minute sonic slices of life.  Okay, stop thinking, clear some space in your living room and get ready to let the fervor of the music take you.  ‘Lightbulbs’ is the song from Medicine From Melancholy, and I also included another choice cut from Another City, Another Sorry just because I like you guys so much.  The Answering Machine: Train Tested. Muffin Approved.

The Answering Machine – Lightbulbs

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The Answering Machine – Obviously Cold

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Another City, Another Sorry is out NOW and available at Amazon and Medicine For Melancholy is out on DVD and available wherever it is you get your movies from!

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  1. Cassie on Monday 7, 2009

    That looks like a great movie suggestion, thank you!

    I can’t comment without saying that people from San Francisco and the bay area (ones like me!) don’t actually call SF “Frisco”. More commonly, it’s SF, or simply “The City”. Pretentious? Yes. But that’s how we do in the yay. ;)

  2. Bootsy on Monday 7, 2009

    I watched that movie yesterday.

  3. the R on Monday 7, 2009

    “The City” is our NY but whatever. I need this album. There are at least 2 more jams in that dance scene that I haven’t figured out yet. Great pizzost.

  4. Janicem on Monday 7, 2009

    Love The Answering Machine! I was trying to find bands similar to them and I came across this new band from Liverpool called Sound of Guns, don’t know if you’ve heard of them. I’d really recommend them, their music is wicked. Their new album is out this month. Here is their official site, check it out! -