I was chilling out in the KCRW Music Library today, as I am wont to do and two amazing things happened.

One. I looked down and saw a familiar name blaring at me, below a hand drawn illustration of a girl with lots of hair. The name belongs to a dude that I met some time ago, who at the time was knee deep in the final production of an electro-pop opera. It was fun today listening to his 4 song submission that sat on top of the piles and piles in Eric’s library. Wonder when that opera piece will be complete.

But more importantly – on to number two.
In my silly, flippant and perhaps borderline sentimental state Eric and I went digging through the submissions in search of The Royal Concept EP. Routinely I get distracted by various packages and hand written notes. (I’m a sucker for the ones with no packaging, song names scrawled onto the cd with permanent marker, and leaning penmanship with notes like “I make music and then hope that people listen to it.”.) But the “Heavy and Dizzy” album caught my eye b/c it was elusive. Pretty DIY in its packaging, and yes hand scrawled contact info, but no song titles or anything… Just a weird font that I actually read off aloud as sounding like Howy & Weezy. (to my pledge drive soaked brain, it looked like Heowy & Oizzy.) So for the first few minutes that it was on, we laughed about Howy & Weezy, the mysterious band w/ no song titles.

But then it hit me. I LIKE this.

Turns out the folksy sounds are from an artist MPFlynn, Shifty Teeth, or as his friends call him, Matthew! (I don’t actually know what his friends call him, I just found his facebook page.) And he is our neighbor. He lives right here in Santa Monica, just down the street from the radio station! We’re gonna become friends. We’re chatting online right now! And….. I’ve been listening to the Howy & Weezy album allllllll afternoon. It’s kinda crazy sweet.

He lists Bon Iver as an artist he digs, and his sweet sound makes me think of Dawes, the Fruit Bats, Blind Pilot.

Here’s the full album on Spotify. And here are some of the tunes that I love.

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