Once upon a time I listed Miike Snow’s debut album as my favorite album of the year. After taking two years to tour like mad-men, they released their second album; Happy to You. The album surprised a lot of people with the notably absent house-heavy drums. It was like they replaced the steady deep kick with a constant marching drum roll. They also sounded much more like a pop/rock band, rather than an experimental dance group with a folk singer.

Like many of my friends we said “pass” and moved on to some other new albums that were being released. But over the last couple months I’ve found myself revisiting the album from time to time. Often a single song sneaks into a random playlist or gets some radio play on KCRW. And eventually I gave in and started listening to the album from start to finish. And slowly, but surely, the new Miike Snow is creeping into my top albums of 2012. It is always the ones that take the most time that end up being your favorites and in this fast-paced patience-free world, it is rare for something to get a second shot at your ears.

But if you passed on Miike Snow because it didn’t quite make you shake your ass like you did in years before, I ask you to give it a few more spins, there are some serious heaters on there.

Here are some tracks to check out on Spotify (or whereever else you can find them).

Miike Snow – Archipelago

Miike Snow – The Wave

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