About six weeks ago a friend of mine hipped me to the sounds of Brooklyn band, Ambassadors, and I have been obsessively listening to them ever since. Before I go any further, I will present Exhibit A:

While the great songwriting and melodies were enough to draw me in, Ambassadors have the secret ingredient that ensured my insta-fandom – amazing harmonies. Laid on top of a perfect blend of rock/pop sensibilities, I find myself drawn inside the songs every time I hear them. Ambassadors’ debut album Litost is vibrant offering that spans from the pensive moments of ‘O Death’ to the urgency of the shred-infused ‘Caged Animals’ and is most definitely worth the listen. Two tracks standout to me, the first being album closer ‘Bodybag’. 5 seconds in and you’ll hear exactly what I mean about those harmonies as they spread out and squeeze into every corner of the song.

Now the track you see in the above FB status update, ‘Unconsolable’ is in the running for my favorite song of 2012, I think I’ve listened to that almost every day since first discovering it. There’s something about the interplay of the almost-angry drums and the delicacy of the lyrics that appeals to me in a way few other songs have recently. Take a listen below, but get ready to hit repeat for…..well, basically forever.

I had a chance to check out the Brooklyn quartet at the Marlin Room @ Webster Hall last Thursday and they did not disappoint live. Peep some pics below and say hello to your new favorite band. Ambassadors: Train Tested. Muffin Approved. 

Ambassadors: Facebook | Twitter | Amazon

Let’s get digital – Train on Twitter | Instagram

  1. Audio Raw on Monday 3, 2012

    Gotta admit I’ve never heard of the Ambassadors before; but after hearing Unconsolable I gotta admit I kinda became “stalker obsessed” with the song.

    Been testing a lot of new gear on their tunes. Cool stuff.

    Cheers Train!