I’ve stumbled upon the lady version of James Blake. Just a little sweet thing, 18 years old and from Liverpool.

I think she is my soulmate, and it’s all in the face that she appreciates a duet enough to texture her own vocals and make up a storytelling event of a song.

The bedroom producer style electronic act is sparse with big effect, full of heartbreaking vocals with tinny effect that remind me of something that I want back! This is lovely inspiration and is sure to be the soundtrack for a good part of my 2015.

More to come from this breakout as she gains momentum. She’s on XL records along with my beloved beatmakers and autotune shakers, XX and Vampire Weekend… Rostam and Jamie XX forever… and now Låpsley too.

fka twigs

Queue up another one for the Space Prom tracklist, FKA twigs is delivers 1990s RnB smooth with all of the modern delivery outer space has to offer. I love an artist that knows how to make the most of electronic effects without indulging themselves or taking it too far.


The production is all composed and performed by a classically trained multi-instrumentalist and includes an electronic manipulation of sounds from nature. So, that’s really all I needed to know to run out and seek the audio. However, I admit that what also adds intrigue is that this was a top pick from one of my […]


I’m recently digging into new music discovery Banks. It’a killer combo of dark sultry lady vocals atop energetic if not down right apocalyptic electronic composition, working alongside producers the likes of Totally Extinct Dinosaurs and Sohn. Her acclaimed track “Waiting Game” carries an interesting pace, very deliberate and moody, it’s cinematic and inspires foggy villainesque visions […]

Frank’s Top 10 Albums from 2013 (Yeah We Still Doing This!)

Maybe I’m getting older, maybe I’m more out of touch than previous years. Or maybe, just maybe 2013 wasn’t the greatest year in music. I had a hard time finding 10 albums I felt were worthy of this list, while it seems other years I’ve been fighting off contenders with a big wooden stick. In […]

Francis and the Lights

Thanks for featuring this new EP on my Spotify homepage dudes! I’m officially into it. These tracks would fit perfectly into the playlist of slow dance songs that will play at that ultimate high school prom in outer space! Disco balls for planets… Super modern synthy throwbacks to a sweet RnB sound that I slow […]